Desperate Desires (A Sweet and Spicy Novella) by Terri Wolffe

Desperate Desires (A Sweet and Spicy Novella)
Terri Wolffe
Amazon Digital Services (2011)
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (2/11)


In London, England, in 1796, beautiful and feisty Lucinda is about to become a widow. Her much older wealthy husband is in ill health.  Fearing that his devious relatives will try to step in and take everything from her, because there is no heir, Lucinda has hatched a plan to solve this dilemma.  Enlisting the aid of her loyal servants and her giant brother, she sets out to kidnap the Duke Lucien Douglas IV.  The success of this mission is critical to all who are involved because the estate of the Lucinda’s husband is home to all of them.

Wise to the ways of the world, Lucien is extremely surprised to discover himself so easily kidnapped.  Initially he is angry and resistant to the idea of helping Lucinda, especially when he learns her criteria for choosing him.  When he finds himself unable to resist her charms, he quickly changes his mind.  Caught up in their desire for each other, they seem to forget all else.  When Lucinda’s allies step in to help bring them back to reality, they find themselves lost to each other.  It is now Lucien’s mission to find Lucinda.

“Desperate Desires” perfectly blends erotica, romance and humor.  I found the whole eccentric cast of characters to be endearing.  The sensual scenes are beautifully written and extremely erotic.  I think most readers will find themselves wishing that they could be in Lucinda’s shoes.  I guess I shouldn’t say “shoes” because she certainly wasn’t wearing any in the most intense scenes.  Terri Wolffe definitely managed to capture my attention with this tale.  I highly recommend “Desperate Desires” to readers who enjoy erotic romances.

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