Discovery in the Desert: It Will Shake the Nations (Volume 1) by Tom Thiele

Discovery in the Desert: It Will Shake the Nations (Volume 1)
Tom Thiele
The Jesus Solution Media (2011)
ISBN 9780615425016
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (4/11)


As a result of the economic crisis in the United States, NASA experienced significant budget cuts. The 2013 budget called for a significant reduction in allocation for developing new space studies; a larger percentage of the budget was to be directed toward developing cutting age technology for the military. David Hart, a young NASA brainiac physicist is chosen to join a team of NASA scientists assigned to a Classified Military Project – Time travel.

The 13-03 team worked together with their Project leader Jesse Black, an expert in applying complex mathematical equations to the physics of life science. The project’s specific purpose was to build a time machine. The team was making great strides in the early stages. They named their capsule Hercules. David Hart’s assignment in this highly complicated project filled with technical challenges was to invent and develop the capacitor that would bring the machine back to the present.

As the $200 million dollar prototype was approaching readiness for final tests and launching, the team was faced with an obstacle that transformed the project from one of prestige and glamour to one of embarrassment for the team and for NASA.

Impulsive and impatient, David Hart makes the decision to do the “unthinkable,” to become the first human chrononaut by taking the capsule on an unauthorized training flight, destination Rome, the year 44BC.

As David begins the adventure of a lifetime, a supernatural intervention redirected the landing of the capsule to a Judean desert of Israel, date 27AD. It was while in this desert that David had a personal encounter that changed his life. David realized that “God was mighty and powerful, the very force that not only created but controlled the universe and everything that permeated within it and brought about “the harmonizing flow of nature.” He experienced God’s “love for mankind that overshadows that of science.”

Meantime NASA was further embarrassed when they discovered David’s disappearance with the Time capsule. Soon the CIA, the FBI, and NASA were attempting to cover up the true nature of project 13-03. International disputes, media coverage continued.

This is Tom Thiele’s first book. Tom draws on his training in petroleum engineering and a successful career in the oil and gas industry in the meticulous detail in the technical aspects of the story. His creative imagination takes the reader into a compelling experience.

Tom’s writing style quickly grabbed my attention and drew me into the story. As he introduced a theme he called “full truth” I recognized that he was also presenting a user’s manual for life.

“Discovery in the Desert: It Will Shake the Nations” is packed with out-of-the-box thinking, regarding advancing technology in medicine, biomedical engineering, computer technology, and environmental protection, as well as making the reader aware of related moral questions regarding man changing history and steering the direction of the future. It is the desire of the author that the reader will experience the David Hart’s important discovery

“Discovery in the Desert: It Will Shake the Nations” is a brilliant blending of techno thriller, time travel, science fiction, and fantasy with the life-changing message.


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