Don’t Wound What You Can’t Kill by Jason Ross

Don’t Wound What You Can’t Kill
Jason Ross
Xlibris Corporation (2010)
ISBN 9781450036184
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (1/11)


This is a book that has it all – crime, action, love and hate. It is a fast read as you can’t put it down once the action starts.

Vincent is a noble man as he is trying to open his own tax firm. At this point he works for his cousin William who is a bit on the shady side, but Vincent doesn’t go there. He has no intention of messing with his cousin; after all, he is family. However, he discovers that two of William’s people are embezzling from him.

If one knew about the author, they would know that he had a fascination with mobsters and you can see some of that influence come out in his writing. His description of his characters is right on target; readers can actually visualize each character and what they are feeling- especially the fear. The action is fast-paced and will keep you guessing as to who really is the bad guy.

What Vincent learns the hard way is that regardless of if you are loyal, there will be always someone trying to put you down – maybe for good. Vincent finds himself in a position of trying to save his life when “someone’s” goons try to kill him by shooting bullets into his car.  This isn’t “I’m giving you a warning” – this is “I’m going to kill you.” Vincent decides that trying to talk to his cousin is to no avail – so he does what he didn’t ever think he would do – go for revenge.

“Don’t Wound What You Can’t Kill” depicts a battle for life that readers will get caught up in.  I often found myself giving advice to Vincent.

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