Dry as Rain by Gina Holmes

Dry as Rain
Gina Holmes
Tyndale House Publishers (2011)
ISBN 9781414333069
Reviewed by Leslie Granier for Reader Views (7/11)


The tagline for the book “Dry as Rain” is “He’d give anything to forget the one thing she can’t remember.” That is a perfect overview of the events. Eric and Kyra Yoshida have been married for twenty years. However, they are currently separated because Kyra suspects Eric of being unfaithful. After Kyra suffers memory loss due to head trauma, Eric finds himself in a predicament. He now has the opportunity to reunite with his wife. However, the obvious flaw in his plan is that he does not know how Kyra will react to his deception if she regains her memory. Wanting to rediscover the good times they had, Eric chooses to mislead her in the hopes of getting his family back together.

This book differs from many others in that it centers more around male characters rather than female ones. Eric, the middle-aged upper manager at a car dealership is a control freak who thinks money is equivalent to success. When it comes to his son, he wants him to attend a prestigious college and scoffs at his dream of being a fisherman. Eric is a snake in that he actually ditched a lady in the middle of a blind date to go meet someone else. He is truly self-centered and self-righteous. The one person Eric can seem to count on is his good friend and coworker Larry. However, even Larry is relegated to the doghouse when he tries to show Eric the errors of his ways through discussions about religion.

“Dry as Rain” has a fair amount of action but it does not particularly move at a fast pace. Rather, day-to-day events are placed in the forefront. There is a bit of a nostalgic journey through Eric and Kyra’s life, but for the most part the story focuses on present times. I liked that the story is narrated by Eric. Seeing his point of view firsthand allowed me to get a better insight into how he thinks and what he believes.

This book is appropriate for a broad adult audience. The premise of the story is very intriguing and is different from much of what is being published today. There are moments of humor that keep the topic from becoming too deep. “Dry as Rain” was an enjoyable story to read.

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