Encounters in Paris: A Collection of Short Stories by Carolyn Moncel

Encounters in Paris: A Collection of Short Stories
Carolyn Moncel
CreateSpace (2010)
ISBN 9781453898215
Reviewed by Tiffany Schlarman for Reader Views (1/11)


In the course of one day, Pandora’s Box is opened and Ellery’s life is changed forever.  Her experiences are real and do not bring about happy endings.  Instead, the story focuses on dealing with those things we cannot change, situations that shape or personality and soul.  The collection of short stories moves through time as it tells the messy and complicated tale of Ellery’s life during her period of inner turmoil.  It is a bittersweet reminder that life’s solutions are not always easy, sometimes a solution cannot be found.  It’s how we deal with the situation that shows our true colors.  The happy moments arrive later when we being to heal.

I found this collection of short stories easy to read and very interesting.  The stories are fiction but feel more like a memoir of sorts.  I was drawn to the main character from the instant I started reading.  Her trials are ones most people face at some point in their life.  Her stories show that with every end there is also a beginning.  I enjoyed the authors writing as it flowed easily, guiding me along the way.

The end of this short book holds a question and answer session with the author which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I was given the chance to understand the author, get to know Ellery better and discover the inspiration that surrounds the writing of this book.  It was a unique feature that fully fits the book.  I also really enjoyed the cover art for this book.  It is simple, elegant and sweet.  It caught my eye which is always wonderful thing for a cover to do!

I would recommend this book to women readers.  It doesn’t strike me as a title meant for men, but I am not opposed to agreeing they also might enjoy it.  While the book would be suitable for a wide range of ages, I would suggest it for readers 35 – 55 years of age. While reader’s who are older and younger are sure to enjoy this book, my suggestion of age deals with the topics in the book.  I felt that the above age group would most likely appreciate this book more due to having probably been through what Ellery has.  Overall, “Encounters in Paris” took me less than thirty minutes to read.  It was short and bittersweet yet satisfying to read.  It’s perfect to read with a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day.

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