Haunted by Douglas Misquita

Douglas Misquita
Frog Books (2011)
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (8/11)


FBI Special Agent Kirk Ingram’s world is changed forever when his wife and young daughter are violently murdered by a member of a Los Angeles Mob out for revenge. Ingram, critically injured and emotionally distraught over the loss of his wife and child, determines to undertake a personal crusade of vengeance to destroy organized crime.

Global in scope, terrorists join forces with organized crime in a complex plot that threatens to bring about panic, paranoia, and anarchy. A trio made up of a ruthless power- hungry Los Angeles international trade house executive, a spineless, treacherous Albanian terrorist, and an irrational, easily-corrupted former FBI agent pit their wits, weapons, and muscle against the FBI, and the LAPD in a frantic effort to recover samples and the formula for the only existing supply of Citex, a deadly nerve agent, designed to bring the nations of the world under the domination of the owner of this lethal product.

Douglas Misquita has allowed his runaway imagination to take over in this action-packed international thriller. Non-stop explosive gun-battles, car chases, double-crossing thugs, and a full cast of dispensable characters carry the plot of this emotion-packed story to an unexpected surprise ending. Well-developed characters and stimulating dialog are additional elements in this compelling novel. Be forewarned the similarity of names often left me backtracking to get my bearings (Gunner and Gunther for example).

Influenced by the writing of Clive Cussler, Michael Crichton, and the adventures of the “Tintin” comic series, Misquita’s writing is visual. It allows the reader to capture scenes and events as pictures or visualizations depicting the scene as seen on a motion picture or television screen. His descriptions are extraordinary. I was moved by the segments focused on Ingram’s “haunting” dreams, nightmares. Misquita builds exceptional insight and realism into the feelings of his characters

Misquita’s target audience is international. His publisher and training are from India so his language and vocabulary take on a European/English flavor American readers may find distracting. Although the story encompasses locales from the Balkans and the borders of Russia to dessert area of Costa Rica, the bulk of the story takes place in the Los Angeles area.

The unbelievable heroics and a complex plot will add to the enjoyment for those avid thriller fans looking for the experience provided by the adrenaline rush of page turning action. These fans will not be disappointed. If you are looking for crime solving technique, police policy, and clues to help you solve the crime you may be let down. I, for one, became engrossed in the intenseness of the action plot of “Haunted.”

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