Haunted Echoes by Julie Ann Howell

Haunted Echoes
Julie Ann Howell
Peppertree Press (2010)
ISBN 9781936051694
Reviewed by Leslie Granier for Reader Views (3/11)


Sarah Reddington is a writer who is having a hard time finishing her second novel. At the suggestion of her publisher, Sarah heads off to a secluded town in Maine to focus on her writing. However, shortly after her arrival, Sarah gets something far different than she expected. Strange things begin to happen at the inn. She is told by a stranger that there were two murders there years ago and that the place is haunted. Sarah’s curiosity leads her to do some research and what she discovers is disconcerting. She must find a way to get out before it is too late.

“Haunted Echoes” is an excellently written story that kept me on the edge of my seat. Although the chapters are short, they are filled with action. The plot is very fast-paced, but the author did a good job of laying a strong foundation at the beginning of the book instead of just rushing into the supernatural activities that occurred. Sure, there are some clichésused such as music in the attic, cold spots, and banging shutters. But the author also adds unique ideas that include actual interaction with the spirit. This allows parts of the book to be told from the ghost’s viewpoint, thus permitting the story to be more personal.

This book is definitely for adults only. Those who believe in ghosts and other paranormal phenomena will be especially interested. I found parts of this story to be very spooky and am fortunate I did not have nightmares. Overall, this book offers something for everyone. There is a lot of action, suspense, and mystery which easily capture the reader’s attention. Trying to figure out what was happening in the inn was a puzzling and intriguing challenge.

“Haunted Echoes” is an example of a ghost story at its finest. The ending was surprising to me. I was left with a few unanswered questions which could possibly be addressed in a sequel. This book could also be made into a really good movie. The author describes the action very clearly, allowing the reader to picture and experience what Sarah is encountering.

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