Journey for Freedom: Defection from Communist Czechoslovakia by Peter Vodenka

Journey for Freedom: Defection from Communist Czechoslovakia
Peter Vodenka
Journey for Freedom (2010)
ISBN 9781616588168
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (8/11)

Just when I think I have read all I can on Communism and Hitler, I find something else that makes me realize I haven’t. Many individuals do not believe tragic actions happened – yet there are so many who experienced it that would say otherwise. Regardless of whether you believe it happened, you need to see the facts and know what individuals went through to save their lives and that of their family.

Author Vodenka, in very great detail and with great emotion, discusses his journey to freedom from Communist Czechoslovakia. Many of us today cannot imagine being chased, tortured or even being killed because someone wants to control us.

This journey documentation is full of facts, stories and true events about living in fear minute-by-minute, day-by-day.  The author doesn’t embellish the facts.  He is not asking for your sympathy.  He is educating you and giving his own experiences. Do with it what you may.

In “Journey for Freedom,” Peter Vodenka gives you the opportunity to be right there in the action to experience what he and his family did. You will find yourself talking to the family, cheering them on and wanting to get rid of the evildoers.   You think you have problems? Think again.

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