Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas by Pardu S. Ponnapalli

Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas
Pardu S. Ponnapalli
Xlibris Corporation (2011)
ISBN 9781456882389
Reviewed by Amanda Wesley for Reader Views (10/11)


“Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas” sums up the whole idea of Pardu S. Ponnapalli’s collection of short stories.  A 78-page collection of random thoughts that were put down on paper, this book brings into light the scientific and mathematical thought behind some very ordinary ideas. Ponnapalli touched base on things like a perfect chess game, space exploration (both real and fantasy), losing weight, and the National Debt.

I can’t say that I would have enjoyed this book as much as a person with an interest in science, math, or possibly physics but I did find it an easy book to pick up and just flip open to a page and see what was being discussed.  I think these stories would be better suited in a dorm room or on campus somewhere for eager minds to debate and pick apart some of the ideas.

This collection read like a personal journal.  I wanted to be blown away by some profound idea that was going to make me change the way I think about fueling up my car, but I wasn’t.  The title suggests that these stories are going to be crazy.  I don’t think adding an extra man in a game of hockey was exactly what I was expecting.

While nothing stood out as being overly crazy, I did appreciate this book for what it was; a well written list of thoughts.  I would probably pick this book, or a book like it, up in a coffee house and read a page or two, put it down and go about my day.

Ponnapalli said in his preface: “So this book is my attempt of revive a sense of wonder and speculation. As I said before, I expect to be ridiculed by people who don’t want to explore and stretch their minds.  On the other hand, if you feel like just having a little intellectual fun, suspend your disbelief, you might enjoy it.”  Although my sense of wonder and speculation are still well intact, you may enjoy it.  If you like to pick apart scientific reason behind sci-fi shows and build up your own beliefs on how it would have worked better then “Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas” might be right up your alley.

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