Lover’s Betrayal (Misfits of the Lore Series) by J.E. Hopkins

Lover’s Betrayal (Misfits of the Lore Series)
J.E. Hopkins
Outskirts Press (2011)
ISBN 9781432771225
Reviewed Tracey Rock for Reader Views (5/11)


Things just had not quite turned out like Olivia had hoped.  Although she was the poor daughter of a servant, she had mated and bonded with Lucian Santoro, the son of one of the most influential vampire families in Sorrento, Italy and next in line to be chief magistrate of the Council.  Lucian’s family, however, had no intention of allowing Lucian and Olivia to be together. To make sure of this, arrangements had been made for Olivia to be sold into marriage to Daughton Gaspard.  Daughton knew Olivia did not love him, so to make sure she could never be with Lucian again, he made sure she had children with him, eventually weakening the bond Lucian and Olivia shared.  Now, 175 years later, Olivia is haunted with constant despair and wants nothing more but to end her immortal life.

One last thing Olivia has decided to do before she ends her life is to try to make things right with her two sons, Julian and Kaden, who have grown angrier and more distant now that they have grown up and moved out on their own.  With the help of her dearest friend, Corrine, she flies to New York to visit them.  What she did not expect to find when she got there was that her eldest son Kaden is the prime suspect in a series a murders.  The investigation into the murders is being led by the leader of the Vampire Council, Julian Santoro, who over the years has built up more and more hatred for Olivia as he feels Olivia betrayed him and their bond because he was never told that his parents sold her.  His distrust for Olivia leaves him to believe that her son no doubt would be just as ruthless.  Now as all signs paint Kaden as guilty of murder, Olivia tries to convince Lucian of her son’s innocence.  Lucian on the other hand wants vengeance.  Olivia knows that her only real hope at saving her son’s life and reuniting her family before she goes is to find the real murderer.

Well, this book was a bit of a surprise.  There are plenty of vampire books out there these days and most of them are rehashing books that are not even that well written to begin with.  So, if you are looking to find one of those books, then this isn’t that type of book.  The characters in this book were fresh and original.  The book is a love story, a mystery and has the science fiction element all rolled into one.  There are some mature elements and some surprises in the middle of the book that you wouldn’t expect.  In fact, I liked the middle of the book more than the ending.

“Lover’s Betrayal” not only tells the story between lovers but also of a mother’s love.  All of the characters were very well developed and it was fun to read.

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