Master Self-Publishing 2011 Edition (The Little Red Book) by Owen O. Daniels

Master Self-Publishing 2011 Edition (The Little Red Book)
Owen O. Daniels
The Small Business Zone, Inc. (2011)
ISBN 9780982903636
Reviewed by Joseph Yurt for Reader Views (10/11)


There is something very American about wanting to publish our own book. Perhaps it’s rooted in our passionate belief in freedom of speech. Or, perhaps it’s simply another manifestation of our present “it’s all about me” culture. Now with the advent of print on demand companies and their services, publishing your own book is an attainable goal for more people than ever. And how-to resources like “Master Self-Publishing 2011 Edition (The Little Red Book),” by Owen O. Daniels, are available to guide first-time authors through the process.

Based on my own foray into self-publishing over the past fifteen months, the arrival of “The Little Red Book” appeared to provide me with a clear and easy-to-follow primer on the subject. It did. In some areas, it offered guidance that I wish I had found prior to starting my book, and in some areas it provided a breadth of resource contact information which I had not encountered in other books.

But at a slim, just over one-hundred pages, “Master Self-Publishing 2011 Edition (The Little Red Book),” upon further examination, proved to be a bit deficient in some of the areas in which it offered advice. Especially notable in this regard is the author’s Publishing Time Line model. It suggests that the author allow eight weeks to write and edit their book. Even assuming that the author is generalizing, I question whether this is an appropriate recommendation, especially for a new book author. With regard to editing a book, while Daniels states that an author can choose to edit their own book, he does wisely suggest “that a different set of eyes review and edit the book. They are likely to catch mistakes you miss…” Good advice, yet, “The Little Red Book” has a noticeable number of typos.  Perhaps the book’s most helpful attribute for new writers is its concise explanation of printing on demand and the mechanics of manufacturing, distribution and marketing of a book.

Self-Publishing is exploding and the aftermath is not only a proliferation of new writers and their writings. This grassroots movement is also heralding the golden age of self-publishing gurus who are rapidly producing a cacophony of how-to advice about the writing and self-publishing process. And, in many of the books, newsletters, blogs and marketing materials used by these new gurus to support their how-to services, the hype is rampant. As a result, “Master Self-Publishing 2011 Edition (The Little Red Book),” is a welcome, no-nonsense companion to other books and writings currently available on the subject. It’s certainly not comprehensive, but it is a helpful resource to those new to self-publishing.

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