Last Call by JD Seamus

Last Call
JD Seamus
Capital Press (2008)
ISBN 9780980225600
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (7/08)


“Last Call” is a book that everyone should read. We all can relate to the colorful characters in the story. The author JD Seamus entertains us throughout the book with his funny, caring characters.

Nathan Melton is looking for a place to hang out since he is new to the area. He has tried several bars and found he didn’t like any of them. One day he goes to Jimmie’s bar. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would find love, friendship, daring escapades and a friend who was dying.

The people who come into Jimmie’s take care of each other. When Jimmie finds out he has cancer, it is their turn to take care of him. Jimmie is a friend, part-time crook and the neighborhood psychiatrist/matchmaker. Ken and Stuart, two unlikely policemen, find themselves in constant trouble–wonder if that could be because they fall asleep at stakeouts; have their friends sit in the car with them, or because they always report late back to the station?

Jimmie has made sure that his disabled wife and mentally-challenged daughter are taken care of. What he didn’t know was the so-called lawyer isn’t a very trustworthy one. He is scamming Jimmie. After Jimmie passes away, his friends take over to get his money back.

“Last Call” by JD Seamus is a fast-read, “I can’t put it down” book. The characters are people we all know; it’s the bar we frequent and it’s the friends who will do anything for us. It’s about undying love for friends, romances gone haywire and accidental killings. We all know it–you will love it.

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