Meet the Poet: Aura of Love (The Forthright Omnipotence Era Series) by Caldwell Lee

Meet the Poet: Aura of Love (The Forthright Omnipotence Era Series)
Caldwell Lee
CreateSpace (2010)
ISBN 9781452811550
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (3/11)

Well I must say, “This one is different.” Within its 162 pages, it covered the spectrum from Rap to Haiku. The beginning is a bit repetitive and dry, but as you continue reading, it gets more involved and complex.

“Aura of Love” for example, was a poem from the title and was a bit boring. I don’t know if it was intentional, but some of the misspelled words and improper English tended to make it a confusing read. Such was the case with, “In the Realm of the Poet.” What is intended to be a rhyming poem misses the mark in some lines and struggles with meter.

As it seems, the book does redeem itself with verse such as, “Call Him Obama What.” There were a few editing quirks in it but it was good verse for the most part.

There is a definite scope of controversial subjects covered and some social topics that are dealt with. “The Poets Story” is a good example of the social paradox discussed.

The quality of the book is disappointing because the graphics are not only black and white but lacked clarity. The pictures were fuzzy and looked like third generation copies of third generation copies. Professional photographs would have improved the enjoyment of the book tremendously. The front cover sports a color picture of the author, but even that one (done on glossy stock) is amateurish and unclear. There is some writing in the picture that is not clear or readable making for an unappealing cover.

I clearly think that this volume would cater to a more adult audience and not having the benefit of reading his other works, would venture to say, “This book deserves a cautious look.” It is not the average poetry book and it could use some serious editing.  Because of the editing issues and such things as two different page 112’s and 113’s, a page with no number after the second 113 and then it jumped to page 120  contributed to it earning a grade of a high “C”.

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