Megan’s Secrets: What My Mentally Disabled Daughter Taught Me about Life by Mike Cope

Megan’s Secrets: What My Mentally Disabled Daughter Taught Me about Life
Mike Cope
Leafwood Publishers (2011)
ISBN 9780891122869
Reviewed by Tiffany Schlarman for Reader Views (10/11)

Inspiring and poignant, “Megan’s Secrets” tells the story of a beautiful little girl whose down-syndrome limited her life in every way except her outlook.  Megan, whose life was limited in a variety of ways commonly taken for granted by most of us, taught those around her more about life through her vibrant personality.  Though Megan’s life ended at the age of ten, her memory and legacy lives on in those who knew her.  Her inspiration is being passed onto others through this book in loving memory and honest communication.  The book, which is penned by Megan’s father Mike, exposes the secrets Megan taught him through the stories of her life.  The lessons Mike learns by watching his daughter and now remembering his daughter, sticks with the reader.  All in all, readers are introduced to Megan, her struggles, joys and daily life while being challenged to experience joy, faith and hope in the midst of grief, loss and doubt.  Both awe inspiring and emotional, Megan’s story spoke to me.  I was challenged to be content, thoughtful, courageous and happy.

To lose a child is something no parent ever wants to experience.  To love a child is something every parent can experience and to learn from a child is inevitable.  Children bring you back to the basics and for those children with special needs, the basics become even more apparent and special.  In Mike’s writing are emotion, love, humility and thankfulness.  I enjoyed reading this book.  One of the most powerful sections, for me, in this book, appears on pages 28 and 29 as the day Megan dies is remembered.  The parts of this book that tell the story of this family’s daughter, struggles, and everyday life spoke to me.  The sections that showed God’s provision and guidance, using Megan’s death to help Mike help others were encouraging, reminding me that God works everything for good, even when we can’t see or understand his reasons.

There are a few sections that did not engage me in my reading process, but for the most part this book kept me reading.  If you enjoy inspirational books or you have ever lost a child or need comfort, “Megan’s Secrets” is a fine place to start.  I enjoyed getting to know this wonderful little girl and was blessed to see how much impact she had in ten short years, while being challenged to make my own impact, for God.

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