Memories Die Last by Tim Smith

Memories Die Last
Tim Smith
eXtasy Books (2011)
ISBN 9781771110280
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/11)


Retired CIA operative Nick Seven finds himself drawn into an intriguing situation when it appears that a man who was responsible for the death of his wife has reappeared and is once again creating mayhem.  What makes this situation so unusual is that Nick is firmly convinced that he personally killed this man several years before.  Still haunted by the senseless death of his wife, Nick agrees to come out of retirement and join the investigation.  Leaving the Florida Keys, Nick is pleased to discover that another former operative Felicia Hagens has also agreed to take the case.

Nick and Felicia have always shared an attraction for each other, but the last time that they saw each other was too soon after his wife’s death for him to be ready to start another relationship. This time, the timing appears to be perfect.  As they begin investigating the case, Nick discovers that the situation is much more complex than he originally thought. He also becomes suspicious of people who he once thought he could trust.

Upon returning to the Florida Keys, Nick realizes that he is being set up from several different directions.  One person in particular, a media mogul, really seems out to get him.  As Nick goes deeper into his investigation, he finds that there is a great deal of connections between incidents that are occurring.  When it appears that people are being killed for their silence, he really feels like his back is up against the wall.  As the attacks and personal invasions keep getting closer to home, Nick is determined to discover who all is behind this and to make sure that they pay for their crimes.

Meanwhile, with Felicia by his side, they explore their attraction for each other.  Sharing many intimate and erotic moments, they realize that their feelings go way beyond the surface.  Nick is also determined to make sure that Felicia gets through this investigation alive.

Author Tim Smith has written another great suspense novel. The convolutions that he takes the plot through kept me on my toes as I tried to figure out who the guilty people actually were.  The erotic scenes with the hero and heroine are also well written and tastefully done.  “Memories Die Last” is a novel that will be enjoyed by both men and women alike. There is something in it for everyone!

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