Miracles are Made: Real-Life Guide to Autism by Lynette Louise

Miracles are Made: Real-Life Guide to Autism
Lynette Louise
Robert D. Reed Publishers (2011)
ISBN 9781934759493
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/11)


Having spent over twenty years of my life being educated and working with individuals who have developmental delays, autism has factored largely into my career.  Being classified as a pervasive developmental disorder, I have been involved with families who have children that fall in every category of the autistic spectrum. I was really intrigued when I heard about Lynette Louise’s book.  Divided into two sections, the first part covers her own personal experiences as both an adoptive mother of children with autism and as a professional.  The second part offers a comprehensive resource list of information to help educate people who need information on this disorder.

While the book can be read out of order, so that you can read the second section first to gain a greater understanding of autism and the recommendations for living with it, if you are a parent I recommend that you start at the beginning with Lynette’s story.  The reason that I make this recommendation is because she will inspire you with her personal experiences so that you know that there is hope for your child.  To read the second part first, will definitely be educational however, it might also be overwhelming for someone newly learning about this disorder. A professional working with these individuals might prefer to start with the second section if they need a quick refresher.

For myself, I started with the first part because once I began reading Lynette’s story; I had a hard time putting the book down.  As the author tells us about her personal experiences involving raising eight children, two by birth, six by adoption, we learn about the choices she made which involved voluntarily taking on the challenge of bringing four who fit into the autism spectrum into her life.  By taking on and surpassing expectations involved with this challenge, her own personal life was affected.  This included having five marriages.  Even though she tells her story with love and humor, it is apparent that her tenacity in helping raise her family helped her overcome obstacles as they appeared.

Being Board Certified in Neurofeedback, the author offers many examples of successes with Neurofeedback involving herself, her children and families with whom she has dealt professionally.  Reading about her experiences with Neurofeedback is absolutely fascinating and it is very intriguing to imagine the possibilities of success available to us through its use.  Other therapies are discussed, including involving behavioral work, nutrition, and medication. I can’t imagine that anything has been left out of “Miracles are Made.” For this reason, I highly recommend as a must read for both professionals and families who are involved with persons who have this condition.

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