Modern Disciples: Volume 1 by Ian Anderson

Modern Disciples: Volume 1
Ian Anderson
Outskirts Press (2011)
ISBN 9781432772703
Reviewed by Tracey Rock for Reader Views (10/11)


Ryan Hunter always had dreams of becoming a bounty hunter.  So, when a mysterious woman offers him a job on one of her hunts, he willingly accepts.  While they are out on the hunt, Ryan is struck and thrown aback.  He doesn’t feel the impact the blow, but he does feel heat coursing through his veins and he knows he is screaming.  When he recovers from the impact, he realizes his world is different to him.  He now finds that his senses are heightened.  He is stronger and faster than before.  Although he was told stories of Greek mythology as a child, it wasn’t until he was led to the Oracle by his keen sense of direction that he found out he was the son of Artemis and a disciple.

The patron gods are calling their disciples together to help them investigate activity that the Titans are orchestrating against them.  Ryan, along with five other disciples must find an indestructible alligator that is living in the Florida everglades and destroy it.  Upon completing their mission, the disciples come upon a town called Citrus Grove where there are no children and the women all adore their husbands!  Upon further investigation of this strange town, the disciples soon realize that there are many other forces plotting against them.

“Modern Disciples: Volume 1” leads the reader through a myriad of folk lore within its plot of non-stop mystery of intrigue.  I don’t know that I have read a book that combined this many immortal characters.  There were various cultures included such as the Greek, Norse, Hindu and Japanese Gods.  From vampires to maenads, the disciples venture through Florida and have various encounters with numerous creatures.  It’s a lot to take in within such a short period of time, including a modern “Stepford Wives” plot.  New characters and sub-plots seemed to be popping up throughout the entire book.  Brush up on your mythology or you could get lost on this one.

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