Namesake (eBook) by Marie Harte

Namesake (eBook)
Marie Harte
Ellora’s Cave (2010)
ISBN 9781419927508
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (3/11)


The year is 2078, and the place is Cross Step, Kansas.  Cross Step has been isolated from the rest of the United States by the government because of its unusual inhabitants.  About 100 years before, three giant wormhole portals opened up here allowing life forms to come through.  The town now consists of three distinct groups of people. The Norms are the normal people. The Voiders are the inhabitants that came from the Void via the portals. The last group of people is the Conduits who are humans that have special abilities. These abilities came about when the Voiders arrived.

Vicki Fox is one of the Conduits. She has an unusually strong psychic ability that allows her to tap into the energy of others around here.  When Vicki finds herself on the run, after raising the ire of Chen, a well known Voider, she manages to attract the attention of Eric who is the Prime (king) of a pack of werewolf-like Voiders known as Ravagers.  Sensing Vicki’s abilities and being sexually attracted to her, Eric want to make Vicki his queen.  Neither Vicki, nor Voiders from other clans are happy with this idea.  To the other Voiders, Eric would have too much power, and to Vicki, she would have to give up her freedom and the hope of one day having a normal relationship.

Relationships with the Ravagers are not normal in any way.  In Eric’s particular clan, they have an intense, insatiable sex drive.  Because they have so few women, they also share their women with their pack mates. For release, the males will also mate with each other.  Vicki soon discovers this, as Eric and his pack mates try to convince her to stay.  As time passes, she finds it harder and harder to deny them anything.

“Namesake” is by far one of the most erotic and sexually explicit fantasies that I have encountered.  Having read so many of this kind of tale, I find it unusual to discover a story that manages to shock me.  “Namesake” definitely managed to do so.  Fans of erotica will be delighted to find a story that holds nothing back.

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