Now You See Her: A Good Wife and Mother Vanishes by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

Now You See Her: A Good Wife and Mother Vanishes
James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
Little, Brown and Company (2011)
ISBN 9780316036214
Reviewed by Tracey Rock for Reader Views (4 /11)


For Jeanine, Spring Break 1992 was an even bigger turning point of her life than anything she could have imagined.  She had to admit, losing her father at eleven was tough and then losing her mother a few years ago was heart-wrenching, but nothing could have prepared her for that night in Key West when she saw her boyfriend making out with her best friend after a night of partying.

Upset and still reeling from the alcohol, Jeanine takes off in her boyfriend’s car only to be involved in a car accident that leaves one man dead and her verifiably a drunk driver.  The first officer on the scene, Peter Fournier, takes pity on her and helps her hide all evidence of the crime scene and the body.  Grateful for his help and still loathing in her own self-pity, Jeanine ends up staying in Key West with Peter and two years later marries her knight in shining armor.  Now, blissfully happy, Jeanine begins finding out little things about her husband that don’t quite seem so honorable for a cop.  Secrets are now starting to be uncovered and she begins to fear for her own life and more importantly, fears for her unborn child.

Knowing that her husband is a police officer and can easily find her, Jeanine plots to fake her own death.  Hearing that there was a serial killer on the loose called the Jump Killer, where the victims’ bodies are never recovered, Jeanine makes her disappearance look like she was one of his victims.  Only, in her attempt to leave Florida, Jeanine ironically comes face to face with and becomes a victim of the Jump Killer.  Somehow, Jeanine manages to narrowly escape her attacker and she never looks back.

Now, sixteen years later, Jeanine is now “Nina Bloom,” a single parent to her daughter Emma and is working as a lawyer in a highly respectable law firm in New York.  News now is that after all of these years police have finally captured the Jump Killer.  Only when Nina saw the picture of the Jump Killer, who is now sitting on death row, it is not the same man who she came face to face with all those years ago.  Also, the person leading the victim’s rights group to convict the Jump Killer is police chief and husband, Peter Fournier.

So, now is the moment of truth for Nina.  Does she let an innocent man die for a crime he didn’t commit?  If she were to say something then it would put her and her daughter in danger.  It would also mean that everyone would know she killed a man.  She would lose everything.  Does she have a choice?

Overall “Now You See Her” was a solid book and will not let you put it down until you are finished.  I thought that the beginning of the book was really creative and fascinating to read.  The middle of the book started to get slow and became boring in parts and I thought it was something you could read in just about any novel.  Not enough substance for me.  The ending of the book was a bit predictable but it did pick up a bit towards the very end to make up for the boring middle part.  It was like it was saying, yes, I know the middle was boring so here is what I have for you here at the end.  This book would be a great book club book because every character in the book at one point or another makes a choice — from that choice, someone or that person’s life changes.  It’s an interesting concept.


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