Odyssey of a DP: Memoirs of a Displaced Person by Vladimir Drobashevsky

Odyssey of a DP: Memoirs of a Displaced Person
Vladimir Drobashevsky
Outskirts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781432758950
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (3/11)


Vladimir Drobashevsky is a good story teller and weaves his fascinating web well with this book He starts with a good introduction of his life as a child and his family environment. His concise narrative of life in Yugoslavia, detailed accounts of vacations and the antics at school; gave his story a firm background. This led right into the beginning of the war and the Nazi movement. He continues to tell of their move to Austria and the life there in the DP camp.

After a while in the camp, his family is fortunate enough to come to America and the book really picks up speed from there. He joins the Army and is sent back to Europe to a duty station in Germany. He is lucky enough to be stationed in Germany where he befriends a German family and meets the girl of his dreams. Elfriede was the lovely Daughter of the Baumann’s, and Vladimir spent many good days with her and her family. He comes back home after his term in the service and in a short time, Elfriede arrives in the USA as his fiancé.

Author Drobashevsky continues his intriguing story with insights into his religion and the couple’s wedding, honeymoon and their new life in America. He describes the joys of marriage and some of the disappointments of life in such a great country. His family continues to grow, with the addition of a son and daughter and his career begins to really show promise.

I enjoyed Mr. Drobashevsky’s book. Except for some needed editing because some of the words are spelled like he speaks (with an accent), the book kept my interest. There was never a dull moment because he gave it a concise beginning. He took the time to build the characters for the reader so that one knew what they were all about.

I gave “Odyssey of a DP” a well-earned B; it is fitting for all age groups and should be on a “must read” list for most young people. I honestly think that with some editing, this book could be an A quality book.



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