On God’s Path: The Unfolding of Humanity by S. Craig George

On God’s Path: The Unfolding of Humanity
S. Craig George
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781452019826
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (5/11)


“On God’s Path: The Unfolding of Humanity” is written based on the premise that “the circles of science and religion are not mutually exclusive, but complementary in a much bigger picture.” S. Craig George introduces new insights to challenge the reader to expand their thinking about God and science and to consider for themselves the wisdom on both sides and to reconsider their personal role in advancing the human story.

Although written with the lay reader in mind, the book presents a wide range of mainstream scientific and theological ideas. Significant advances in both science and theology in recent years provide a lot of new information for the reader’s reflection, serious consideration and assimilation.

Mr. George writes from a Christian perspective considerate of all faiths weaving in the Spirit of Christ. Scientific ideas presented are contemporary mainstream, including anthropological archaeology and genome biology. The theological ideas presented are from an orthodox Catholic perspective of mainstream Christianity.

At a time when there exists a divergence of opinions and competing views explaining man’s origin and destiny, the author attempts to bring into focus a larger more inclusive picture of the story of humanity, tracing man’s development physically, socially, and morally. I appreciated Mr. George’s outline approach in the organization of his material. I appreciated his clarity in developing his theme, “The Unfolding Story of Humanity,” through the chapter titles as listed in the table of contents; beginning with the Genesis of the Cosmos, the development of human life, the development of world religions during the Axial Age, and the life and teaching of Jesus.

The author goes on to discuss the development, dissemination, and fragmentation of Christianity, Islam, and the Mystics. He also considers human achievements, human rights, and the current direction of humanity. He speaks of projecting a path of hope and a destiny of fulfillment in Christ.

S. Craig George has degrees in science and in theology and is uniquely qualified to author this treatise: calling individuals to pursue God’s path by of discovery in the unfolding story of humanity.

“On God’s Path: The Unfolding of Humanity” is a positive, realistic, challenge “to participate in an exercise of reconciling the truths of faith and science.”


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