Open Your Eyes to the Calling by A. A. Mitchell

Open Your Eyes to the Calling
A. A. Mitchell
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781452048079
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (5/11)


A. A. Mitchell has written “Open Your Eyes to the Calling” to proclaim the message of God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness. He invites the reader to call on God the Father for salvation. He challenges the reader to repent and to call on God for deliverance from sin, for a stronger faith, and for power to live the Christian life.

This is the testimony of a man rising above an abusive childhood, gang fights, the use and sale of drugs. Drug and alcohol dependence led to a life of petty theft and a life of violence and crime at an early age. He reveals how God has changed his life. He now has a love and respect for God, living a life of dedication and discipline as he pursues God’s calling and purpose for his life. He has discovered the joy of living in intimate fellowship with the “Father,” God.

Mitchell’s message is for believer and unbeliever. The message is clear – recognize your call – awake from sleep and open your eyes to the calling of Jesus Christ on your life. He admonishes Christian and non-Christian alike to take heed to God’s Word.

He illustrates the importance of this message through personal experiences. He candidly shares incidents related to being incarcerated for illegal acts related to the poor choices he made during his fifteen years of life on the streets. He speaks of his changing priorities, obedience to God’s Word, of facing up to obstacles, and of claiming God’s overcoming power. He tells how he gave up self-will to turn control of his life over to God.

Mitchell’s writing is clear, direct, and easy to understand. The large font makes this an ideal resource for the sight impaired and for adult readers intimidated by fine print and voluminous pages. Important truths are frequently repetitive, emphasizing their importance. A theme of God’s love is woven throughout the narrative.  Selected scriptures reinforce Mitchell’s message and offer encouragement to the reader and a challenge to claim the life changing promises found in these passages.

A. A. Mitchell delivers a strong and important message in his book “Open Your Eyes to the Calling.” Biblically sound, doctrinally solid, this is a beautiful testimony of a man whose life has been changed by the power of God’s call on him.


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