Ordained: The Immortal Archives (Volume 1) by Devon Ashley

Ordained: The Immortal Archives (Volume 1)
Devon Ashley
CreateSpace (2011)
ISBN 9781461001522
Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (6/11)


There is a plethora of books involving vampires, vampire hunters, demons, witches, wizards, elves, dwarves, fairies and the like out there lately. So “Ordained,” the first in the promised “The Immortal Archives” series, had a lot to live up to. I’ve never heard of this series before, not of the author, Devon Ashley. But fantasy has lately become one of my favorite genres, so I decided to take a plunge.

Abby Sorrensten does not smile much, nor often. A trained killer of vampires, who went through the rigorous schooling by the Order, she is probably the best the school has ever created. She is also quite likely the meanest. And two-hundred years later she reappears at the school again – this time as a vampire. Yet she seems to be the Order’s best bet to defeat their nemesis, a demon named Morphus. Can she save the world? More importantly, can she save herself?

The first couple of chapters were full of intense action, dark feelings, violence and more. Well written, tense and moving fast, they were interesting, but nothing exceptionally special – until I truly “met” Abby, the heroine of the book. Sure, she appeared already in the Prelude, but her presence there was simply dark and menacing. Upon really “meeting” her, I became enchanted with her complex character and wonderfully intricate story. Actually, the development of her character, as well as many of others, particularly Emily’s and Noel’s, was one of my main reasons for really liking this book. Another one was the explanation for the spread of vampirism through blood. The author’s background in microbiology certainly helped with this being a very plausible sounding, albeit still fantasy-based reason.  I’ve also enjoyed the story itself, its pace and the complex fantasy world created within it.

If there is anything I feel the need to criticize, it could only be a slight lack of attention to detail in researching certain words and in the proofreading of the book. “Girls in their clicks?” I always thought it was cliques. “Que cera, cera?” How about “sera”? “I believe she new.” Hmmm, knew? “You’re fate line is broken…” While nobody is perfect, and nobody speaks all of the languages of the world – at least not to my knowledge, I strongly believe that the author’s credibility diminishes some when such mistakes appear in the published book.

In spite of those minor issues, I truly liked “Ordained” and I can easily see it on the silver screen one day. I hope the author takes my criticism in a positive way, as it was intended, and polish the next book in the series to perfection. I’m already quite impatient to read it!

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