Owen’s Day: Risking his life was just the beginning by Helen Yeomans

Owen’s Day: Risking his life was just the beginning
Helen Yeomans
Guards Publishing (2011)
ISBN 9780969321910
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (8/11)


After rescuing nine-year-old Tom Newton from an icy death, young and handsome Owen Adair, the overlooked hero, took advantage of the clamor surrounding the attention on Tom to disappear into the night.

Within hours, speculation regarding the identity of this mystery man began as well as the reason for his disappearance. As the days pass, the unresolved mystery becomes first page news. Rumors of a possible criminal background, or the prospect his being a victim of hypothermia, add hype to the unanswered question of his identity.

Helen Yeomans skillfully uses fiction as a vehicle to introduce the importance of risk-taking as the catalyst to man’s development. She weaves a memorable story of a heroic act of rescue, a mother’s strong desire to thank the man who saved her son’s life, a community that wants to acknowledge the bravery of one of their own citizens, and a young boy who is convinced he was rescued by the angel spirit of his dead father.

A complex plot, well-developed characters, and a diversity of opinions interjected in the dialog all add to the brilliance of Helen Yeomans’ writing style. The author uses her own background experiences in the development and setting of the story.

Some readers may find Yeomans’ detailed introduction of her characters and the development of her story-line laborious. However, these elements:

  • Added to my enjoyment of her writing,
  • Opened my mind to self discovery,
  • Became a reading adventure with a rewarding unexpected heartwarming conclusion.

“Owen’s Day” establishes Helen Yeomans as a new voice in literary fiction and ensures a strong base of future fans and a successful writing career. I am already looking forward to the publication of her next novel.


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