Pegasus: A Novel by Marilyn Holdsworth

Pegasus: A Novel
Marilyn Holdsworth
AuthorHouse (2011)
ISBN 9781456701833
Reviewed by Marissa Libbit for Reader Views (5/11)


“Pegasus” by Marilyn Holdsworth is the fictional journey of the main character Hannah Bradley as she uncovers a mystery surrounding her rescued horse Pegasus.  As a writer, Hannah covers stories about animal abuse which leads to her desire to rescue wild horses.  Upon the adoption of Pegasus, she discovers his true identity and connections to a black market ring involving the slaughter of wild mustangs.  Helping Hannah with her quest to save the horses is her love Win Caufield.

I really enjoyed “Pegasus.”  The characters are very likable and well drawn out.  Even the nefarious characters are entertaining because they are just so easy to dislike.  Hannah is a true heroine who knows what she wants and how to get it even with potential harm in the way.  Win is a tad too perfect in a Prince Charming sort of way, but who doesn’t like a good fairy tale?  Pegasus is also an enjoyable character, and his recovery scenes were endearing.  The action moved the story along well, and the storyline kept my interest.  When a story stays with me after I have put a book down and I look forward to picking it back up, I know it’s good.  My only critique is that the ending was a bit too “pretty” in that everything tied up a little too easily in my opinion, and I had hoped for a bit more drama.  Overall, though, it was a nice, easy read.  I recommend “Pegasus” to anyone who wants a good story to take them away for a few hours, whether a lover of horses or not.  You will enjoy the ride, much like an easy canter through the field on a nice, spring day.

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