Psycho Girl: Overcoming Abuse through Positive Spirituality by Shawna Savage

Psycho Girl: Overcoming Abuse through Positive Spirituality
Shawna Savage
Tate Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781617393587
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/11)


In “Psycho Girl,” the author Shawna Savage takes us into her life, from childhood to adulthood, and shows how she ended up in several abusive relationships.  While sharing her personal experiences, she also educates us on the psychological aspects and patterns that are attributed to each abuser.  In doing so, the reader is able to learn what red flags to watch out for when entering a new relationship.

Unfortunately, I suspect that many readers, such as myself, will have already been down this road, and will find themselves relating to her terrifying experiences.  Even so, I found that I still had a lot to learn about certain types of abusers.  Young women really need to read this book so that they can have their eyes opened to how a sick individual might try to prey on them.  In my case, my first love turned out to be a psycho stalker type. I had to flee the state and my friends without telling anyone but my immediate family where I was going.  My parents recognized his behavior long before I did.  In my eyes, he really, really loved me.  When the abuse started, I knew that I had to go. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my last encounter with someone who wanted to control me.

Ms. Savage refers to these men as “demons.” I used to call them “creatures,” because to me that was the look that they had in their eyes.  Her experiences were very extreme, and unfortunately at the time, she did not have the law on her side. How sad that she had to endure the abuse that she did without the authorities being willing to intervene. I truly hope times have changed.

What I found so inspiring and enlightening about “Psycho Girl” is that Ms. Savage used New Thought wisdom and her faith in God to restore her life.  Instead of moving from a strong alpha woman into victim mode, she used positive thought and faith to become a victor.  By sharing her story with us, I pray that her terrifying experiences will not have been in vain and that through her words young women will take heed and not allow themselves to be entrapped by toxic, abusive men.  I highly recommend that this book be read by all young women and women who continuously find themselves in a pattern of abusive relationships.  If this is not you, please give it as a gift to someone whom you know would benefit from it.  You might be helping to save their life.


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