Raising Up a Little Girl by Sandra Kuck

Raising Up a Little Girl
Sandra Kuck
Harvest House (2011)
ISBN 9780736938501
Reviewed by Tiffany Schlarman for Reader Views (7/11)


Children learn by example. They are “likely to live up to what you believe of them.” However, raising little girls is different than raising little boys; though raising children in general is a task all guardians and parents face with the same fears, anxiety, joys and frustrations. “Raising Up a Little Girl” is a beautifully illustrated gift book that discusses qualities, lessons and characteristics all little girls should be taught, in hopes that these qualities become part of their character and personality.

In this book one can expect to read about obedience, honesty, courtesy, gratefulness, self-control, imagination and wisdom. These attributes are a few among the many discussed in this book. The pages each unfold with wisdom, helpful hits and general definitions and discussions about each attribute, what they are and how they apply in today’s world. The book shows the reader how each attribute is important for little girls who will grow to be women. The book aims to help those raising little girls to raise strong, secure women who posses the attributes of kindness, generosity, honesty, beauty and patience.

I enjoyed the author’s clear, supportive, yet chiding, writing.  When she talks about patience, she gives helpful hints to help your daughter learn this difficult attribute. In this section she states:

“Teach your daughter the art of filling waiting time with positive, productive distractions and she will be well on her way to becoming a patient, peaceful individual.”

Along with this statement were examples of activities to help teach your daughter this important quality. Having a very impatient daughter, this section stood out to me. I enjoyed a fresh perspective of the situation. I now have a different view and better understanding of how I can help my daughter learn to be patient.

“Raising Up a Little Girl” is a beautiful piece of art work as well as a supportive piece of literature to help moms and dads to raise their daughters to be beautiful and caring individuals on the inside! I would recommend this book to those who have daughters to be raised. It is not an in-depth help guide, but it is a good, quick read that offers a different perspective and some good suggestions. It’s enjoyable.


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