Razor’s Revenge: A Novel by Paul Chandler

Razor’s Revenge: A Novel
Paul Chandler
iUniverse (2010)
ISBN 9781450275682
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (4/11)


From the beginning, “Razor’s Revenge” had me in its grip; it was a very believable beginning. Samuel Razor has a business partner that steals his business away from him and gets away with it. Thanks to a crooked judicial system, Mr. Razor doesn’t stand a chance.

He signs off on his very profitable business for the little sum of three-thousand dollars and disappears. But that’s not where it ends, that’s only the beginning of a fascinating tale.

Many years later, Razor is rich beyond imagination, owns companies all over the globe and is on a quest to revamp the justice system.

He commissions many researchers to invent a machine that will be infallible and accepted in a court of law, a machine that will replace the antiquated lie detector.

Razor takes a special liking to one researcher in particular, a young genius named Phillip Beck. Phillip gets preferential treatment from Razor because Razor thinks his theory is the most viable. As time goes on and the months pass, the other researchers are making great strides and getting closer to a solution with their ideas.

Meanwhile, Samuel Razor’s health is failing and it is at the point where a medical team monitors him 24-hours a day.

One day, Razor calls Phillip in for a meeting to discuss his progress and tells him that he would like him to hurry and build his machine before he dies. He stresses the urgency to Phillip, telling him, “This is my last and final act of revenge.”

The young genius takes this message very seriously and begins working around the clock, barely sleeping and never taking a break. He drives his team just as hard and they finally come up with what might be a viable product.

There remains just one final test, the test that all the others failed – the Owen Campbell test. Owen Campbell is an unusual human that has the capability of beating any lie detector machine. But Phillip’s is not just another lie detector machine; his is the epitome of truth. But will it pass the Owen Campbell test and will be get it built before Mr. Razor’s demise?

I loved the book. It was well written, for the most part (a few typos) and kept my attention from the first chapter. “Razor’s Revenge” will appeal to both young and old and does not contain anything that would keep it from being rated General Audience. I gave it one of my highest ratings of an A.

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