Real Life Poem Collections by Todd Pagano

Real Life Poem Collections
Todd Pagano
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781452072166
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (5/11)


“Real Life Poem Collections” is a compilation of poetry that talks about real life situations and thoughts of author Todd Pagano.  He touches on daily basics, comical situations, wisdom and spirituality.  All commentary comes from Pagano’s heart.

“Stranger in the Park” touched me.  Pagano talks about walking in a park and seeing an old woman with a tin can filled with herbs.  She asks Pagano to write down his dreams and toss them into the can. After throwing sand on top she closed the can and told him not to tell anyone about what he just did.  One year later his dream came true.

Another piece that touched me is “Homeless” and it starts off like:

Homeless people are humans too
Give them some spare change
if you don’t know what to do
It will pick up their feeling from being blue
…Believe me it’s a long life battle
they rather do without
Think of it this way
your life is sweet
They wake up everyday
with nothing to eat.

Moving, poignant and heartrending is how I describe Todd Pagano’s poetry in “Real Life Poem Collections.”  He allows his deep feelings to come through in serious situations yet he is able to put humor in, or dispel any adverse thoughts, by saying:

…Guys don’t try to save what you haven’t got
Again, let me repeat myself
So you’re going bald, so what.

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