Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket: Love’s Survival Through Years of Deception by Barbara Jean Ruther

Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket: Love’s Survival Through Years of Deception
Barbara Jean Ruther
Outskirts Press (2011)
ISBN 9781432773281
Reviewed by Leslie Granier for Reader Views (11/11)

Sarah thought she had a pretty good existence. However, after celebrating her thirtieth birthday she realizes she has not found the things she wants most out of life. Although she has a well-paying job at a prestigious academy, she was much happier at the previous school at which she taught because she actually felt like she was making a difference in the children’s lives. She has not met the right man nor had children of her own. Her loneliness is magnified by the death of her Aunt Emma who raised Sarah after she was abandoned by her mother. Sarah goes to a remote cabin in the woods to reflect on her life and something incredible happens. She meets Michael who has issues of his own. He is trying to recover from a bad marriage and desperately needs to regain his faith in the human race. As Sarah and Michael become closer, they begin to help each other heal. However, a secret could end up tearing them apart and affecting many other people in the process.

The plot is good but the characters in this book are its greatest asset. The author expertly constructs characters with whom it is easy for the reader to connect. Whether it is through Sarah who so eloquently expresses her feelings with poetry, or Michael and his brother Jonathon who are wealthy but believe they are called to serve the less fortunate members of society by running a clinic for abused women and children, the goodness and honor of people shine forth. The specially crafted interactions between the characters provide additional enjoyment.

My only criticism of this book is the language used by the characters. Their conversations are too formal. The author does not seem to be a fan of using contractions, which leaves the speech sounding stiff and unnatural.

“Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket” is an uplifting story about love, forgiveness, and service to others. It centers around family but the author emphasizes that family is not just about biology and genetics. Rather, it is based on the love and acceptance people provide to each other.  Although the target audience for “Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket” is adult women, anyone who reads it will undoubtedly experience an emotional response to its content.


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