Serviles of Darkness by Donna Campbell

Serviles of Darkness
Donna Campbell
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781449093655
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (5/11)


One night, at their family home, Bronze and her twin sister Rim are attacked and changed into vampires.  Unfortunately, Bronze’s attack came from her sister.  She knows that she now has something inside her with which she needs to fight to control.  Fleeing her family and home, Bronze takes off for New York City.  As she tries to find a place to settle, she meets a human named Troy.  Troy accepts her as she is and is willing to follow her into her new world.  Neither of them knows the new rules or that there is a vampire hierarchy.  Bronze is currently at the bottom of this list.

As Bronze struggles with her new identity she finds herself falling in love with Troy.  Desperately desiring to find her twin, they decide to take off to Italy for both the adventure and the hope that she might find her sister in this part of the world.  Shortly after arriving in Italy, they discover another form of creature exists that is half vampire and half something very strong and powerful. Unfortunately, there is one of these living in their area that is attacking and killing others.  They join with others like themselves to try to catch him so that they can stop his attacks on the innocent.

“Serviles of Darkness” has tremendous potential to be the first in a series of popular vampire novels.  Unfortunately, I had difficulties with reading the novel because it was full of typographical and grammatical errors.  There were unfinished sentences, fragmented sentences, run-on sentences, and sentences that were written in both first and third person.  There were also details in the story that did not match.  I found that these serious and numerous errors broke up the flow of the story.  Using spell check and grammar check would have made a huge difference.

With “Serviles of Darkness,” I truly believe that the author is on the right track for having a vampire story that has some unique ideas. I hope that she seeks out assistance from a professional editor, and then continues on with writing another novel to let us know what happens with these characters.

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