Soul Clothes by Regina D. Jemison

Soul Clothes
Regina D. Jemison
Modern History Press (2011)
ISBN 9781615990955
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (5/11)


“Soul Clothes” is a compilation of musings by Regina D. Jemison that tugs at the heart and soul.  Her expression is timeless and her thoughts are reflective, insightful, and deep.

In “Because a door in my soul opens” she writes:

I write
because it relieves
my sub-conscious feelings and
conscious thoughts,
my emotional baggage,
distorted delusions,
and my anger.

In “So Beautiful Just to Die,” Jemison expresses:

A flower was born, and so was I

into a world already turning
into a universe already on course
life predestined

… and, then

we are born again.

“Soul Clothes” is only 44 pages and holds 12 poems.   It’s a small book but has large impact.  As I sat and contemplated each piece I got in touch with my own inner being; a place that took me on a journey along with Jemison.  If you like poetry as a form of stimulating inner reflection, I highly suggest you use “Soul Clothes” to do so.

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