Spirit of the Horse by Carole Devereux

Spirit of the Horse
Carole Devereux
Windhorse Press (2010)
ISBN 9781884422249
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (08/10)


“Spirit of the Horse,” is written by Animal Communicator Carole Devereux. Combining the knowledge that she gained from communicating with her own special horses and information gathered from her studies, she writes an incredibly powerful book that shows us how connected we truly are to the universe. She does an excellent job of pointing out how we lose our spiritual connection when we get caught up in materialistic ways.  Our special link with animals helps us to be joined with the universal spirit.

Because Carole shares such an incredible connection with horses, she dedicates part of her book to share the history of equines with us.  Going back to almost the beginning of time, Carole discusses how their ancestors originated on the planet and then evolved into the magnificent creatures that they are today.

Part of “Spirit of the Horse” discusses other philosophical and religious belief systems. Some of these areas include Shamanism and Buddhism.  There seems to be a common thread about horses running through many of the different beliefs.  Carole’s ability to communicate with her horses has allowed them to teach her many special spiritual lessons.  By reading about her experiences, I could relate to my own with animals, especially with dogs.  I felt that the knowledge that I gained from reading this book, helped to even further tighten my special link with animals and with my spirituality. It was wonderful to discover someone who has such a deep connection with both.

There are some very valuable lessons about chakras, yoga and meditation included in these pages.  She also offers guidance to help us better ourselves in our communications with animals. As a reader I felt like Carole left no stone unturned in “Spirit of the Horse.”  She did an excellent job of explaining some of the more complex ideas and offered references that can be used to further my knowledge in the areas that I feel I need more work. I truly look forward to using this information as an opportunity to grow spiritually and to increase my connection to the animal world.

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