Still Standing: Addicts Talk about Living Sober by Bucky Sinister

Still Standing: Addicts Talk about Living Sober
Bucky Sinister
Conari Press (2011)
ISBN 9781573244763
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (5/11)


As an individual in early recovery, I found “Still Standing” to be an excellent addition for living sober. There is a difference in being sober and living sober. It means that those who are in recovery will need to make significant changes in friends, social settings and possible dysfunctional relationships.

Buck Sinister has provided excellent information on relapse and symptoms of relapse thinking. He also has excellent information on anti-steps. His information is very direct and honest. There are numerous personal stories from addicts across all genders, personalities and professions. These are not “war stories” but honest information about how addicts let their substance abuse take over their lives physically, mentally and socially. Addiction is a deadly disease and many of us have let our drug of choice take over our lives which has resulted in lost dignity, respect, families, jobs and friends. Our drug of choice has become our best friend.

Each person who is in recovery – no matter how many years – will find “Still Standing: Addicts Talk about Living Sober” an excellent resource. We can’t dwell on the past, but need to learn from our past behaviors. Families will learn how addiction progresses and hopefully will realize that addicts no matter what they use have become powerless and their lives are unmanageable.

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