Testosterone: A Man’s Guide: Practical Tips for Boosting Physical, Mental and Sexual Vitality by Nelson Vergel, BsChE, MBA

Testosterone: A Man’s Guide: Practical Tips for Boosting Physical, Mental and Sexual Vitality
Nelson Vergel, BsChE, MBA
Milestones Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9780966223125
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (5/11)


This is a good informative book that begins with the narration that the author has HIV.

His preoccupation with the disease caused him to research the benefits of Testosterone and what a necessary part it plays in a man’s life. He had heard stories that the Testosterone hormone caused liver and prostate cancer and affected the immune system.

But since he already had HIV and was withering away from the disease, he decided to take a chance with it. Shortly after taking just a few injections, he began feeling better. His weight stabilized, his sex drive was back and he did not feel so depressed.

The book continues with the benefits of the Testosterone hormone, the history of Testosterone, other options to Testosterone, prostate health, monitoring Cholesterol and many health tips to improving your health and sexual performance. He mentions programs where people can go and get help with the high cost of drugs and Testosterone discussion groups.

Mr. Vergel enhances his book with detailed illustrations and explanations. He gives the reader many in-depth references on drugs, their actions, reactions and dosage. With the usual medical precautions, he mentions what adverse affects the patient should watch for.

I found “Testosterone: A Man’s Guide” to be very through and concise; it was quite educational to say the least.  With the extensive research that was evident and the fine writing, I had no reservations about giving it a firm “A” – it is extremely informative on the subject of Testosterone and can be read by the general audience.

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