The Apparition by Taylor Nash

The Apparition
Taylor Nash
Booklocker (2011)
ISBN 9781609101640
Reviewed by Tracey Rock for Reader Views (8/11)


Abbey Carron has moved to a small Midwestern town to start a new life.  She is leaving behind the sadness she has from her ex-husband’s attempt at poisoning her to prevent the birth their unborn child.  This event has left Abbey with a strong distrust of all men and a complete lack of faith.  Small town life has its ups and downs and, also, as Abbey finds out, a lot of local gossip – which Abbey wants no part of.

The house that Abbey moved into, according to the locals, is haunted by a little girl named Samantha who was murdered years before.  Of course, Abbey doesn’t believe in ghosts and completely dismisses this talk, until strange things begin happening in the house.  She also begins to see a little girl in the house.  She decides to confront the apparition and asks her what she wants.  The little girl wants Abbey to find who killed her.  Giving in to her fears and any beliefs, Abbey agrees.  Trevor “Mac” MacKenzie was the local carpenter in town hired by Abbey to help fix her house up.  Once the repairs were done, Abbey’s plans are to open a craft and antique store.

While Abbey certainly did not trust Mac, she had little choice as he was the only carpenter in town.  Mac came with his own set of issues.  He was a single parent raising a daughter and really needed the work.  His wife died during childbirth.  His daughter, Meghan was his world.  As Abbey begins to try to find who murdered Samantha, it seems there are those in town that don’t want Samantha’s murder to be solved.  To make sure Abbey gets the message, Mac’s daughter is kidnapped with Abbey becoming the prime suspect.  Now Abbey must not only find out who murdered Samantha, but also who kidnapped Meghan.  Once Abbey has finally come to terms with letting down her guard and believing in the things around her like Samantha, she finds her whole world is once again turned upside down and brought down on her. Is there anyone that can help her this time?

First, if you fundamentally do not believe in ghosts, then you may not enjoy this wonderful book.  Readers of “The Apparition” will find that one of the main characters of the story is Samantha, the little girl who is the ghost – the apparition – from which the title is derived.  In my opinion, I actually felt that Samantha was the primary character of the story, if not the heroine.  The chemistry between Abbey and Mac is realistic and fun– which, like the rest of the book, keeps you guessing until the end.  The pace of the book is smooth and steady.  This is a page turner.  You will want to keep reading until the end.  The story is a murder mystery and love story.  “The Apparition” is a light, fun and enjoyable read.

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