The Biogenic Secret of Food by Dr. Gouri Maharaj

The Biogenic Secret of Food
Dr. Gouri Maharaj
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781452029085
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (5/11)


Dr. Gouri Maharaj, in “The Biogenic Secret of Food,” challenges readers into looking at their own diet and lifestyle and correlate them with stress or diseases in the body.  He feels that proper use of food will eliminate diseases and sicknesses.

Maharaj offers information about enzymes, glycemic index and load, “real food” vegetarianism and meal planning. By real food Maharaj means it must not be genetically modified and grown.  He advocates eating organic foods that are free from harmful chemicals.  He claims “By staying on this path, one is certain to get better nutrition.”

The last half of the book is dedicated to meal planning and includes recipes.  Maharaj claims “If properly implemented with exercise, rest, and relaxation, it will certainly help us to get to a stage of better health….Your food could be medicine; it could be poison as well as nutrition to your cells.”

I have mixed feelings about “The Biogenic Secret of Food.”  On one hand I felt the information was regurgitated from other sources as there was nothing new in the book.  As well, the book contained editing issues that took away from the flow of reading it.  On the positive side I feel this book would be a good resource for someone just embarking on eating healthier.  Because the content is concise, the author’s writing is reader friendly, and seems as if he is talking directly to the reader, it may encourage some to make changes in their own diet and lifestyle. If this book is what makes the difference, then it has served its purpose.

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