The Christian Health Manual by Dr. Robert Peprah-Gyamfi

The Christian Health Manual
Dr. Robert Peprah-Gyamfi
Thank You Jesus Books Ministry (2011)
ISBN 9780956473462
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (3/11)


Early in his medical training and practice, Dr. Robert Peprah-Gyamfi recognized that the concept of evolution was prevalent among a large percentage of his peers. In an effort to refute this teaching and to educate Christians, Dr. Peprah-Gyamfi has written a series of books that are based on evidence that the human body is the result of an Intelligent Designer.

“The Christian Health Manual” reinforces his earlier works and is written to “educate and provide the reader with a broad knowledge about the causes and treatment of some of the common diseases that afflict Humanity.” It is written in layman’s terms for easier understanding.

Beginning with the account in Genesis, Dr. Peprah-Gyamfi examines the relationship of sin and the origin of disease. The remainder of the book is made up of seven parts including practical information on: Prevention, Definitions and Terminology, Common Diseases, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Cancer, and Mental Health Issues. In each chapter Dr. Peprah-Gyamfi discusses in detail the causes and treatment of disease. Discussions may also include symptoms, risks, or therapy dependent on the nature of the disease being considered.

He often draws a parallel with sin and the impact of lifestyle. He stresses the importance of a right mental attitude and the unlimited power of prayer. Dr. Peprah-Gyamfi put emphasis on the importance of conventional medical science and prayer. His premise is that they do not contravene each other but are complementary.

I enjoyed the references to. Dr. Peprah-Gyamfi’s early background, growing up in rural Ghana, as well as the illustration’s from his medical practice. A unique feature of the book comes from the perspective of a “divine dimension” and the relationship this gives to the Christian in a special relationship with God the designer/creator, and with the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.

The format, illustrations, and topical headings add to the importance of this manual as a resource and reference manual. Although, written in layman’s terms, this is a work that is a helpful guide and primer for anyone considering entering the medical profession.

I consider “The Christian Health Manual” to be a valuable resource and plan to keep it available for ready reference; for recognizing and treating those common and routine diseases that create discomfort and inconvenience as well as for those times when I have symptoms that may call for more expert medical diagnosis. It is comprehensive, practical and informative.

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