The Clones of Langston by Carol Fullerton-Samsel

The Clones of Langston
Carol Fullerton-Samsel
Summer Read Publishers (2011)
ISBN 9780578077284
Reviewed by Tracey Rock for Reader Views (7/11)


For Camryn, cloning DNA was her pre-determined life.  She was created in the American Alternative Research Corporation (AARC) to clone DNA.  The corporation kept Camryn and thousands of other clones in a self-contained mega-sphere isolated where they knew no other way of life.  To step outside of the sphere meant the end of their world.  There was nothing outside of the sphere but water – so they were told.  Anyone who opposed the Corporation would be sent to detainment.  Those few who had been sent to detainment, mostly labeled as “free-thinkers,” never returned.  Among those free-thinkers, were the Professor and Dobie.  They worked in the same lab with Camryn and had become under investigation for extra cloning activities that they were all conducting, but it was Dobie that ultimately was sent to detainment.

Soon after his departure, the professor was sent to detainment.  Before the professor left, he shared his knowledge with two people.  He made sure Camryn and an enforcer by the name of John, who ultimately was responsible for turning him over to the Corporation, knew everything about AARC.  This information had planted a seed of curiosity in both of them that had led them to want to find out what was beyond the sphere.  Camryn had wanted to find Dobie and find out what was beyond the sphere.  John had wanted a better life for his wife and son – a life that allowed them to make choices for themselves.  Together, they devised a plan to sneak out of the sphere.

What they found once outside of the sphere, was a world full of un-cloned people that had no idea that clones still existed.  Even more shocking was that they found published reports showing that the government determined that the clones in the AARC were considered manufactured products and not people and therefore did not have the same rights as citizens.  It was ordered that AARC was to be left to perform its assigned duties until the food stores there ran out and then the project would be terminated.  Camryn and John realized that their people were being left at the sphere to die.  There was a moment of truth for them.  Do they go back to the sphere, convince their people that there is a world outside of the sphere and try to free them, or do they just move on quietly and try to fit in with society without anyone noticing?  Either choice would have severe consequences.

Reading “The Clones of Langston” brought back memories of watching the old 70s movie “Logan’s Run,” which was just fine, only in many ways this book was better because there were actually people living outside of the sphere which helped make the storyline better and not so dark and scary, which were my first memories of watching “Logan’s Run” as a kid.  The book had the science fiction element, along with romance, action and a bit of humor.  This is not a light read, but you are not going to want to put the book down.  So be prepared.

The story was well written and flowed well.  I didn’t particularly catch on that there was that much chemistry between Camryn and Dobie.  Given the circumstances of how the book unfolds, there were so many other ways I had envisioned Camryn’s character to go as she had so many other interactions with other people.  Even though she was a clone designed for Dobie, her character traits were developed well enough to where I could easily see her branch out into other storylines and plots in future books– if that is ever an option…hint..hint…  All in all, I found “The Clones of Langston” very enjoyable and fun to read and a must read for any age group and genre.


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