The Financially Literate Teacher (or what you can do to get there) by Mark A. Peacock

The Financially Literate Teacher (or what you can do to get there)
Mark A. Peacock
AuthorHouse (2011)
ISBN 9781456757885
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (5/11)


In his book, “The Financially Literate Teacher,” Mark Peacock shows in simple ways how to teach students to become financially literate.  He mentions many of his own struggles and triumphs, which tells the reader that he has traveled the rocky road of financial ups and downs.  As a public school teacher, he shares perspective, which is powerful.  Often, a public school teacher is not seen as “wealthy” in the United States.  In reality, it’s a matter of perspective.  To a poverty-stricken third-world country child begging on the street for his next meal, a school teacher is very wealthy.

He takes on the topic of financial literacy as a layman, stating up front that he is no “expert” other than his own experiences and personal study of the subject matter.  While the material presented is not new, it provides that fresh perspective, which is a good reminder of what we can all be doing to not only make ourselves more financially literate and stable, but also being role models for the youth in our lives.  Mr. Peacock mentions that if we “open our minds to the possibilities,” we can make a real difference.

“What we fail to see we will fail to value.” This quote from Mr. Peacock’s book is a wise statement from the book.  He specifically relates it to school administrators and their vision of their employees, but this principle can be used in most areas of our lives, including our financial literacy.

“The Financially Literate Teacher” is full of valuable nuggets to be savored and digested as teachers, as well as role models for the youth of our nation.  I now have a clearer vision of how I want to implement financial literacy with my students.

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