The Gluten-Free Baking Book: 250 small-batch recipes for everything from brownies to cheesecake by Donna Washburn & Heather Butt

The Gluten-Free Baking Book: 250 small-batch recipes for everything from brownies to cheesecake
Donna Washburn & Heather Butt
Robert Rose Publishing (2011)
ISBN 9780778802747
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (11/11)

Thirty years ago when our son became gluten intolerant it was devastating because very little was known on how to use alternative gluten-free flours and still create the results that are comparable to those using gluten flours.  Since then more people are being diagnosed as gluten intolerant or celiac and many just prefer to not use gluten by personal choice.  Books like “The Gluten-Free Baking Book” are a boon for us.

For the purpose of the review we are asked to test three recipes.  The first one I tested was “Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.”  The cookies were chewy (because I chose to underbake them) and flavorful.  The recipe makes 12 cookies so, if you want them to last a little longer or freeze some, I suggest you double the recipe.

The second recipe I made was “Provolone and Sage Cornbread.”  The end result was lighter than I expected.  The sage flavor permeated the cornbread but the cheese seemed to disappear.  I served the cornbread with a salad for lunch and it was well accepted.  I’ll make this recipe again but will add a stronger flavored cheese.

The third recipe I tested was “Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp.”  I love rhubarb and always buy it when in season and freeze it.  I can’t grow it in Texas because of the heat and soil but being able to pull rhubarb out of the freezer and use it off season is exciting.  The fruit base combines rhubarb, strawberries, sugar and cornstarch. The topping consists of GF rolled oats, pecan flour, brown sugar, orange zest and butter.  I didn’t have pecan flour so used the suggest substitute of brown rice flour.  The topping was crisp and flavorful and fruit was thick and yummy.

As I perused the remainder of the recipes in “The Gluten-Free Baking Book,” I saw many recipes I will be making; there are 250 of them so there will be many opportunities to try something different each time I use the book.  I commend Donna Washburn and Heather Butt in creating this book for those that have been looking for a variety of recipes they can make. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.  I give this book a ‘thumbs up’ and highly recommend it.

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