The Guardians by Bob Ryan

The Guardians
Bob Ryan
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781452024332
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (6/11)


This is a very stark and possible reality for the future of the United States of America and the world. Extreme equality laws enacted in this country and around the world to make everyone more equal, plunge the world into intellectual darkness. The intelligent people are shunned and exterminated while the average people are installed in their place. This New World Order causes a split in America that resulted in some states succeeding from the Union and the countries of Israel and Poland leaving the United Nations. The world begins to fall apart as there are no engineering or technical people around to do maintenance on such things as communications satellites or computers.

“Jarad Fullbright” is the main character; he was born into this darkness and was supposed to be average for the sake of equality. But when the mandatory test that all have to take was administered, he passed. This caused him to have to leave the country for his own safety or otherwise be persecuted. He was taken away from his father by an unknown man and transported to an unknown place. This place was totally alien to Jarad as he was subjected to many new things he knew nothing about, things that we take for granted.

Jarad goes to classes and is given a mentor that answers all his questions and shows him around the Guardian Republic. After a while of being in this place, he decides to go back to his old place and rescue his father who has been imprisoned. He enlists the help of a few friends from the Republic and his uncle from the old place to help him break his dad out of jail. The book culminates with Jarad marrying a girl he met at the Republic and living happily ever after.

The book is an easy read with only 222 pages and is a good general audience mystery. I gave it a B- and consider it to be worth reading. The writing is of good quality as is the story and plot. I would recommend “The Guardians” to all ages that like a good look into the possible future.

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