The Incendiary Man (Kindle Edition) by Bob Frey

The Incendiary Man (Kindle Edition)
Bob Frey
Van Fleet Books (2011)
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (6/11)


When a newsman stops a man on the street to ask him a celebrity related question, the man takes the opportunity to inform the newsman about the Incendiary Man who he believes is currently roaming the streets burning people up.  This man and a group of eccentric people have been on the run for about five days trying to escape from this creature.  Believing that there is no way to stop him, they feel it is best to keep running.  They can feel his heat when he approaches and he cannot move very quickly.

Strangely enough, the newsman knows nothing about this fiery being who the group believes has burned up many people and places.  As they are talking, a group appears with signs that deny the existence of the Incendiary Man.  The interviewee takes this to be positive, because it means that people are hearing the stories about him, even if they do not believe it yet.

“The Incendiary Man” is a fun read.  Bob Frey takes us into the mind of a man who might just be totally crazy, and imagining everything. But in his world, it is 100% real.  So in his reality, the Incendiary Man does have an existence. As for his friends, perhaps they are only real in his world as well.  Reading this story lets you step into someone else’s world for a moment.  Not only does this give you a break from your reality, but perhaps it might also make you appreciate your reality more, unless of course you have a supernatural being running around burning people up in your world as well.

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