The Janus Project by Brad Anderson

The Janus Project
Brad Anderson
Outskirts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781432753887
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (1/11)


John Callan lost his family because of being a witness to a tragic crime. He didn’t ask to be there and never expected the repercussions of his involvement. His life changed, everything dear to him was gone, his family, home and his life as he knew it.

When he was approached about the witness protection program, he was told about “The Janus Project.” With all that happened to him, John was not about to believe the government was going to protect him. He balked at the thought that the process used in the program was really going to keep him safe, but he finally agreed to it.

Once in the program, he became Scott Blackburne and was supposed to have forgotten all about his past life, but that was not the case. His memory was not erased and Scott kept getting flashbacks of his previous life as John Callan. All the people and places that were part of that life would come back to him. He lived the life of Scott Blackburne but the real John Callan would gnaw at him and he swore revenge on the woman that killed his family.

Morgan Ropp was unusually well connected in the underworld. She managed to avoid capture for a while but finally was caught and put in a very secure jail to await her trial.  She had her lawyer – with the help of her gang – try to find John wherever the government was hiding him. She also had the lawyer arrange a jailbreak for her. She was determined to find John and kill him, even if it meant going back in time.

“The Janus Project” was an exciting book that kept my attention and was a good thriller. Well written with little use of slang or strange lingo, I found it to be a good book that would appeal to general audience. The language is not overly graphic or lewd and Mr. Anderson did not have to resort to X-rated scenarios to make it exciting. I enjoyed “The Janus Project” and gave it an outstanding B on my scale and consider it worth a look.

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