The Lost Sunset: A Story of Love by F.G. Mansour

The Lost Sunset: A Story of Love
F.G. Mansour
AuthorHouse (2011)
ISBN 9781456720377
Reviewed by Marissa Libbit for Reader Views (5/11)


“The Lost Sunset” is the fictional journey of the main character James as he tries to discover the true meaning of love.  Having been hurt by a prior relationship, he is skeptical of a new interest, Destiny, who also hurts, having never truly felt love before or the feeling of a broken heart.  The story is not set up like a typical fictional tale, however, being written more poetically in such a way as to make the reader ponder the author’s intent as well as James’ self-discovery.  Also, there is a mysterious character introduced as “Evelyn” who guides James on his journey.  The story follows the path of love from infancy to death with common elements of first love feelings and betrayal.

I will be quite honest to say upfront that I do not typically read very much poetry or philosophical fiction.  I understand the author’s process of defining the intenseness of the emotion of “love.”  Being in love is one of the most magical experiences one will ever have in life as there is no greater feeling than knowing that someone has your back completely and would do anything for you.  In the philosophical sense, the author’s book structure makes complete sense.  Since there is much dialogue within the story, I kept trying to focus on the fictional story elements, and I found much of the dialogue unnatural as it’s rare that people really spend so much time talking about love.  James talks about love with everyone in his life (parents, brother, friend, etc.).  Because this seemed so unnatural in comparison to my own experiences, I did not relate well to the book at all.  There are also a couple of pages with no punctuation that I found distracting.  Again, I understand the author was trying to show the quick passage of time, but I was not endeared to any of the characters in such a way that really made me care about them.  However, in “The Lost Sunset,” the author did his job in making the reader contemplate the true meaning of love and what it means to people.

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