The New Trinity: Your Secular Pathway to Personal Spirituality by Jack J. Burch

The New Trinity: Your Secular Pathway to Personal Spirituality
Jack J. Burch
DeVorss & Company (2011)
ISBN 9780875168616
Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (5/11)


Whenever I hear the term “Trinity,” like most Westerners I think of the commonly used and familiar one – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost). Therefore I was deeply intrigued by the title of Jack Burch’s “The New Trinity,” particularly in conjunction with its subtitle of “Your Secular Pathway to Personal Spirituality.” Somehow the term “Trinity” always carried a religious connotation for me, and I had no idea whatsoever what the New Trinity could possibly be.

Mr. Burch led me on an exciting journey, laced with insights from many disciplines, and providing a rather unique perspective for the prospective seeker of spiritual evolution. He identifies the New Trinity as the conscious you, the Generative Principle and your experiential world. Each of those components is explored and explained and put in the proper historical context as well. Unlike most spiritual books I’ve read in the past, Mr. Burch puts the emphasis on the internal factors, and not the external ones, and he clearly states that we are not incidental observers, but rather the instigating force to be reckoned with.

While a lot of his teachings were far too complex for me at this stage, since I have never been much involved with this type of a spiritual quest, I certainly appreciated his unique and fresh viewpoint, which clearly encourages each of us to find the strength and determination within every individual to change ourselves as well as the world we live in. A section that particularly resonated with me states, “A great misconception about being spiritual is that one needs to be pious and reserved. This belief inhibits the vibrancy of life, itself. Your spirituality offers a joyful freedom of expression in the world ranging from the exuberance of creativity, through the fulfillment of relationships, to a quiet serenity of time spent alone. ‘To follow your bliss,’ as Joseph Campbell so implored us, is to find your personal spiritual path, for they are one and the same.”

There is a lot of positivity in Mr. Burch’s teachings about mindfulness, awareness and consciousness. I believe that his approach through affirmative meditation will be welcomed by individual thinkers who are ready to accept responsibility for their own spiritual evolution and are not afraid of exercising free will. The structure of “The New Trinity” with clearly outlined chapters, each ending with questions for discussion – or pondering, depending on whether the reader sets on this journey alone or with others; as well as copious resources and references, will provide bountiful material for anybody who is still seeking spiritual enlightenment and is searching for a new, non-restrictive, more fulfilling and love-filled approach to it.

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