The Pregnancy Power Workbook: The 200+ most important questions to ask about your pregnancy by Camilla Bicknell, RNC, WHNP and James S. Betoni, DO

The Pregnancy Power Workbook: The 200+ most important questions to ask about your pregnancy
Camilla Bicknell, RNC, WHNP and James S. Betoni, DO
Power Health Press (2011)
ISBN 9780578079561
Reviewed by Vicki Liston for Reader Views (11/11)


Pregnancy can be daunting and downright scary on top of being an exciting time in a woman’s life.  Authors Camilla Bicknell and James S. Betoni hope to take a little of the intimidating parts out of this live-changing event with their book, “The Pregnancy Power Workbook: The 200+ most important questions to ask about your pregnancy.”  By compiling this information in a workbook format, they hope to create an atmosphere of empowerment and strength so that their readers will feel much more confident about their journey into motherhood.

“The Pregnancy Power Workbook” begins by flooding the reader with the over 200 questions promised in the subtitle.  These questions are organized in chapters by timeframe:  ‘The Weeks and Months Before Conception,’ ‘Weeks 1 to 4,’ ‘Weeks 5 to 8,’etc, etc.  Each question is notated in a box which provides ample room for the reader to jot down notes or answers.  However, it’s not until after chapter 12 that readers get even an inkling of actual information out of the book.  Starting on page 87, the authors begin by tackling all of chapter one’s questions (chapter one began on page one).  I found this to be extremely frustrating as I found myself having to regularly flip between over 80 pages in the book to get from where I was reading to where I needed to write answers.  Further, I would have had to keep two different places marked in the book if I were to put it down and come back to it later.  This frustration could easily be overcome organizing the book differently – put chapter one questions with the chapter one text.  Additionally, I think inundating the reader with over 200 questions at the very beginning and before supplying the valuable information needed to answer those questions, overwhelms and confuses.  Breaking down appropriate questions and text into manageable blocks would much better serve someone who’s hoping to truly use this as a workbook throughout her pregnancy.

While the organization lacked, the editing and content excelled in “The Pregnancy Power Workbook.”  I found some of the information to be what I might consider ‘obvious’ or ‘common sense’ items (i.e., the section ‘will mind altering substances affect my baby and my pregnancy?’) but I also view this as a responsible inclusion..


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