Interview with Robin Marvel, Author of “Awakening Consciousness: A Woman’s Guide!”

MarvelRobin Marvel lives in Hersey, Michigan with her amazing supportive husband, Keith and four phenomenal daughters. She is the creator of and uses the website to encourage Universal Awareness s.

The search for a metaphysical workbook for her four daughters brought Robin to write “Awakening Consciousness: A Girl’s Guide.” Failing to find a suitable book to start awakening her own daughters while homeschooling, she decided to write her own.

Robin gives workshops all over the United States entitled “ChakraCize Your Spirit.” She is currently working on her next book titled “Metaphysical Mind in a Small Town.”

Please visit help encourage Universal Awareness . We are all in this together!

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Tyler: Welcome, Robin. I’m very interested to talk to you today because I am not aware of another author who has set out to do what you have with this book. To begin, will you clarify when you say “A Girl’s Guide” what age group specifically the book is geared toward?

Robin: “Awakening Consciousness: A Girl’s Guide” to me is not age specific. Deciding to follow your own path can begin at any age and “Awakening Consciousness” provides a guide to encourage your personal growth no matter your age.


Tyler: When we refer to “Awakening Consciousness” what kind of awareness are you offering to your readers?

Robin: The awareness I am offering to readers is a self-awareness. I think it is very important for individuals to be just that individual. It is easy to follow the norm and forget who you are. In “Awakening Consciousness” I encourage readers to be true to who they are and realize the difference they are making each day. Most importantly, I want people to love and honor themselves.


Tyler: I have to ask whether you think parents will be concerned that the book is too “New Age” for their children? Do you encourage parents to read the book with their daughters?

Robin: I do not see the book as too “new age.” I see the book as an opportunity for girls to explore their own path of self-awareness. The guide is designed to teach self-love and build a strong sense of self for all who read it. I absolutely would encourage parents to read with their daughters. Parents should be involved in the growth of their children and encourage self-respect.


Tyler: Would you tell us how the book encourages girls to have self-respect and self-love?

Robin: “Awakening Consciousness” encourages girls to have self-respect and self-love by offering exercises that will help girls to build a strong inner self. By using the exercises provided throughout the book, a girl will learn her strengths and how to expand them into all aspects of her life.


Tyler: Some of the information in the book, such as discussions about the chakras, is information I never heard of until I was an adult. Why do you think it’s important to share such information with young girls?

Robin: I think it is important to share information such as ChakraCizes with young girls because it allows them the opportunity to be in charge of their spiritual growth. It enables young girls to find their own path and grow within themselves. It is fun and easy to do with positive benefits. The feeling of self-reliance gained from learning and practicing the activities such as ChakraCizes will strengthen their self-esteem.


Tyler: Is there a reason why you chose to specify that the book is for girls, rather than for both sexes?

Robin: I specified the book for girls because I have four daughters myself that inspiried the creation of Awakening Consciousness. I home-school them and I searched for a guide that would encourage their self-awareness and was unable to find anything. That created “Awakening Consciousness: A Girl’s Guide.”


Tyler: Would you consider writing a similar book for boys? What if anything do you think would be different about a book for boys?

Robin: I am currently working on “Awakening Consciousness A Boy’s guide!” I hope to have it finished in January. The differences in writing a boy’s book versus a girl’s book is that I am very familiar with what areas a girl might need guidance for. For the boy’s guide, I am having to do more research to learn the different areas to expand on. There are some things within the boy’s guide that will be the same as the girl’s guide. Both guides will focus on self-love and Universal Awareness.


Tyler: Our ten-year old reviewer, Brenna, really enjoyed the book and she remarked that by doing the exercises to work the chakras, her body felt lighter and more at peace. Can you first of all explain what chakras are for our young readers?

Robin: They are spinning centers of energy that start at the bottom of your spine and end at the top of your head. I like to compare chakras to flowers. When flowers are alive and full of good energy from the sun, they are open. Which is what also happens with your chakras. When there is a good energy flowing through your chakras, they are open and you are feeling healthy and full of energy!


Tyler: Can you give an example of how to work the charkas so they can release feelings of worry or tension?

Robin: An example of how to work your chakras to release worry and tension is to ChakraCize. ChakraCizes are a set of seven exercises that jumpstart the energy flow through your chakras. By completing the ChakraCizes you create a positive flow of energy within your chakras resulting in a more vibrant, healthy life!


Tyler: Would you give us an example of one of the ChakraCizes? For example, how would a ChakraCize help if a girl had a fight with her sibling?

Robin: In a situation such as a fight with a sibling, the ChakraCize created for the heart chakra would really help. Your heart chakra is the center of love. It is located in the center of your chest. The ChakraCize is “Sending My Love.” Sit in a comfy position. Close your eyes and place your hands one over the other and place them over your heart chakra. Imagine your heart chakra opening up and a green light pouring out. Take pieces of this green light and give them to all the people you love. Hand them out with unconditional love. Don’t forget to give one to your self as well. Take as long as you need focusing on the immense love you feel for all, including yourself. Doing this ChakraCize will help you to regain focus on the importance of love.


Tyler: What would you say is the primary message you want to give to girls?

Robin: The message I want to give to girls is a sense of self-security. Always be true to who you are even if it isn’t what everyone else is doing. You get to make choices that affect you. So what if you aren’t the most popular girl in school—you are your own person. You are a beautiful person adding so much to the world.


Tyler: Robin, that’s a wonderful message, but how do you make a girl believe it—how can she see herself as actually adding to the world at a young age? Can you give us an example?

Robin: I think that if a young girl is made aware of the difference she is making in our world at a young age it will be easy for her to see it. I think this is where the parents come in strongly to expose their child to the bigger picture of life. An example would be for a parent to take her child to give to the food pantry. Explaining to your child the food will go to people who do not have food and that your donation is providing some security for someone else they can see the difference they are making in the world as a whole.

Also showing young girls that there is so much more in the world than the hallways of school will help them to stay true to themselves. This is where the guide encourages girls to stand tall and proud and know you are making a difference.


Tyler: Would you tell us a little bit about your own childhood and teen years? How would you have been different if you had this information as a child?

Robin: My childhood was one of great instability. My family was homeless numerous times and I was forced to grow up very fast. I learned at a young age that there is a big world with many different choices. These choices were mine to make. Being on my own a lot gave me the opportunity to see how lives are all connected. The kindness that strangers showed me as a young girl lost in the big world created a sense of peace. I knew that some day I would be an adult making my own life.

As a teen I was that girl that was always seeking attention. It didn’t matter where it came from as long as someone was paying attention. I had very low self-esteem and was lost. I became pregnant at 16 and started to explore my inner self. I began reading and learning that I create my happiness. That self-love is the absolute most important possession you can have.

I refuse to repeat the cycle with my four beautiful daughters. If I would have had “Awakening Consciousness” as a teen I would have been able to see the bigger picture of life. I could have created a sense of self-security and love for myself. That is what I want to provide girls with “Awakening Consciousness.” I want them to know they are important and must love themselves.


Tyler: “Awakening Consciousness” is really a workbook. Will you give us examples of some of the exercises included in it?

Robin: There are so many great exercises throughout the guide. There are exercises to keep your aura clean to exercising your energies. There are also aromatherapy crafts and affirmation exercises.

A great exercise included in the guide is titled “Where’s Your Energy?” This exercise allows you to feel your energy. To complete this exercise you need to start by rubbing your hands together in the shape of a circle. Rub them together for about 45 seconds. Stop and hold your hands about a pencil length apart, palm facing palm. Do you feel that tingling sensation between your palms? That is YOUR energy field! In the book after doing this exercise, there is a space provided to draw a picture or write down how you feel about the exercise and what color your energy was. This exercise provides kids the opportunity to know their energy is really there.


Tyler: Why did you feel it was important to create a workbook rather than just a regular book to read? Is it particularly important for the age group the book is geared toward that it contains exercises?

Robin: I felt it was important to create a workbook so that girls can participate with the exercises. A workbook allows them to express their feelings that they are experiencing while doing the exercises. It also creates their own guide that they can relate to on their level. A workbook takes a hands-on approach to self-awareness!


Tyler: Have you received any responses yet from younger readers?

Robin: I have a great response from young readers. They love the ability to use the workbook and grow spiritually. Not only are young readers responding, but many adults are excited about the workbook. “Awakening Consciousness” is a guide for all ages and encourages spiritual awareness for everyone!


Tyler: Robin, do you have plans to write any more books? And if so, will you tell us about them?

Robin: I am in the works of writing the “Awakening Consciousness: A Boy’s Guide!”. I am also writing a book titled “Metaphysical Mind in a Small town.” The motivation behind “Metaphysical Mind” is that I live in a very small close-minded town, with people who are quick to judge. I am basing this book loosely around my life and struggles to stay spiritually strong no matter where I live. It will encourage Universal Awareness and Love.


Tyler: Thank you for joining me today, Robin. Before we go, will you tell us about your website address and what additional information may be found there about “Awakening Consciousness: A Girl’s Guide”?

Robin: You can go to and learn more about the guide. Also at this website you can contribute your drawings and writings to a kidsense page and blog about the book. You can also see the dates and locations I will be offering my workshop titled “ChakraCize Your Spirit: For Kids and Their Grown Ups!”

I also have my own website which I use to encourage Universal Awareness.


Tyler: Thank you for the interview today, Robin, and for spreading your positive message. I hope the next generation benefits greatly from it.

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Awakening Consciousness: A Woman’s Guide!
Robin Marvel
Marvelous Spirit Press (2010)
ISBN 9781615990641
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (12/10)

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