Got to Make It! by Jack Eadon

Got-to-Make-ItGot to Make It!
Jack Eadon
Eloquence Press (2004)
ISBN 9780975330067
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (8/06)
Jack Eadon is a talented musician and writer, now living in California, originally from north of Chicago. He has written six other books before this one and is well on his way to proving himself as an established writer. But this was not the case in his boyhood. Back then, Jack Eadon had “The Jinx” on him, at least those were his thoughts . . .

“Got to Make It!” is the story of young Jack Eadon and his struggle to make it in the music industry. At the age of fourteen Jack decided to form a band (“The Vibratos”) and was determined to become as famous as the Beatles. After many hilarious and some tragic antics later, he becomes a local hero. His rise to fame takes many bumps, twists and turns along the way. But, he finally gets a label signing and a big chance to play the concert of his dreams. All of this seems great until “The Jinx” begins to turn things around for poor Jack. It seems to him that just about the time things start to go good in his life, he is plagued by “The Jinx”.  Jack gets married and his new wife wants him to leave the one thing in his life that he has worked so hard for. It is a very emotional time and Mr. Eadon tells it in such a way that you can actually feel the pain and anguish he must have felt. From the “Vibratos” to the “Laymen” and finally the last and final name change for Jack’s band was “Khazad Doom.” The book tells of the trials and tribulations of the group and its members as they go through the 60’s following their dream.

“Got to Make It!” is exciting, fast paced and a joy to read. With the inclusion of the retrospective CD and a photo gallery full of pictures from those days, Jack Eadon makes this volume a collector’s edition packed full of nostalgia (Jack mentions Boones Farm Apple Wine) and people he alludes to. In one chapter he mentioned Joel Sebastian (a local radio DJ), that same radio DJ appeared at many dances that I went to as a kid. This book is a must read for anyone from the 60’s. “Got to Make It!” made a very big hit with me as I am sure it will with everyone. Based on a true story, Eadon’s book is one that you won’t put down. From start to finish, it will keep your attention and compel you to see what’s on the next page. I thoroughly enjoyed “Got to Make It!” and give it my highest A+ rating. Fun to read, a joy to listen to (the CD) and a collector’s item to own makes “Got to Make It!” a real winner!

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