Cold Trap by Jon Waskan


Jon Waskan
Book Baby (2014)
ISBN 9781483531090
Reviewed by Erica Ford for Reader Views (02/15)

ColdTrapAuthor Jon Waskan masterfully weaves a strong cast of characters into a mystery/thriller that keeps your attention from the start. “Cold Trap” jumps into the deep end from the first page. This book takes you to different depths that you didn’t even know you wanted to go.  I found the overall premise of the story and plot to be extremely interesting, as well as being extremely relevant in light of all the recent news coverage regarding topics including strategic metals, international interest in mining and colonizing the moon, cold traps, and what advanced technology may look like in the near future. Now I have to tell you I do not keep up with all of this as much as I should, but after reading this book and making the connections between the book and what is going on in the world around us, I will be paying much closer attention.

Waskan’s writing style is very smart and engaging. Knowing your material is so important when writing a book like this that you know he did his research before hitting the publishers. When you are reading a book for review, you want to make sure you don’t miss anything. In most cases you do have to reread a paragraph or even a chapter; with this book I never felt the need to go back and reread anything. You can feel the depth of each character grow as you turn the pages.  Waskan was able to transition from the past to the present along with changing from one story line to the next with great ease. Again this comes to down to knowing your subject and material; which is very apparent in Mr. Waskan.

In this story is the base/main character along with a sideline full of minor characters that all go together very well.  “Moochy” was the one character who stood out to me the most.  Moochy is an amazing scientist who grew up in Mexico and did not have much. Her brothers risk so much to get her here and she refuses to let them down. She works very hard and lands a spot on a Professors team. Without giving everything away, this group starts to work on a moon base where crews mine water particles that collect in the depths of craters that never see the light of the sun. This is where you get all the twists and turns of the book. A death occurs and this causes everything to change for the entire operation. When fighting for your life in zero atmospheres it causes you to do things you never knew you could or would. Again, this is where we see that author has put in a lot of work.

One does begin to wonder if all the loose ends and the story lines will come together to close out the book properly and it does! I think that anyone who enjoys a good Sci-fi book will really like “Cold Trap” by Jon Waskan. It took me a little over three days to finish and I am sure that this will be the case for anyone reading this thriller!

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